Has God Spoken? – Book Review

Has God Spoken? by Hank Hanegraff – is compelling reading and includes many opinions of supporters and antagonists alike – those who agree the Bible is truth and those who dispel its’ contents as storytelling.  Whatever your belief, persuasion or faith, you cannot fail to be enthralled by the diligent and in-depth interpretations presented by Hank Hanegraff.

You’ll read texts from Roman intellectuals that prove the accuracy of the contents of the Bible:  you’ll read scathing assaults upon its’ content by unbelievers; most of all, you’ll have many aspects of thought and opinion presented in an easy-to-read book that will clarify any doubts you might have on the authenticity of the Christian Bible, while raising questions that, as the book progresses will be answered with intelligent backup and physically supported proof.

Thousands of scripts- found to date – verify the contents of the Word of God!  How can you deny the truth when it is validated by written proof from the time of Christ and through the years following His death and resurrection.  Archaeologists meanwhile are finding more and more physical proof that supports and corresponds to what the scriptures report. 

I am not an academic – but this is tantalizing reading covering manuscripts that support  biblical teachings, to archaeologists findings that also support biblical accuracy on to the prophetic – all in all, a book that commands your attention to the meticulous detail contained within its’ pages, and demands  a possible rethinking in your beliefs. 

I would wholeheartedly say, that God has spoken through the manuscripts, scrolls and stones discovered through the ages, by credible and respected academics and scientists, and presented here as physical proof that you can research for yourself and I suggest that only fools would dismiss as nonsense.

I review for BookSneeze®” – I receive the books at no cost to myself, in return for an honest review.




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