Martyrs Shrine seen from Ste. Marie Among the Hurons

Well, I’m back – I’m not at all sure that I have anything worth ‘saying’ though.

We’ve had ‘family’ from England staying with us; some just visiting; some we visited – all in all, it’s been a very hectic few weeks and I – for one – am exhausted (but, ‘good’ exhausted)!  These visitors are from my husband’s family – not mine (well, yes, by marriage) – some I’d never met before, and so it was particularly uncomfortable for me (being a shy person) to get my head around the fact that some of them would even be staying with me (us) – my privacy ‘invaded’ – even though it was just a short stay! 

Well, thankfully, being pushed beyond what I thought I could handle was a good thing!  My time was blessed by being with them and we actually visited places, that typically just the two of us (Jim and I) wouldn’t visit again!    (We had been there – done that).

We had planned to take sister and brother-in-law on a cruise to see the Fall colours, but rain caused that to be cancelled and instead, we took them to the Martyrs’ Shrine and Ste. Marie Among the Hurons in Midland.  I believe it proved to be an interesting day for all concerned – even us second-time visitors!   The important thing was that we spent time together, somewhere new (for them), and Miss Introvert (me) was placed outside her comfort zone (and she enjoyed herself) – which meant, I had to become “unstuck” from my (usual) place of comfort and move into a new place!

I have not had much ‘quiet-time’ (which for me, is very necessary to get thoughts and words together to ‘blog’ or to ‘write’) – so, bear with me, while I recover from being a ‘social-butterfly’, and quietly return to my quiet time!

Despite the fact Jim and his family can talk the ‘ears off a donkey’ – I greatly enjoyed our time with them, and I know for sure that the reminiscing was valuable catch-up time for Jim!



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