My Steely Grin

Since moving to this adult-living park, I have had to develop a ‘steely grin’ – why?  Before we moved, I could be heard to complain about the barking of two particularly noisy dogs in our area; now we’re in the “quiet” confines of an adult community, my tolerance has been tested to the extreme, because it seems every other household here owns a tiny yappy dog!  Hence – my ‘steely grin’!  The owners seem to think that because they think their ‘little darlings’ are little darlings – everyone else in the area does too!  WRONG!  I have owned one dog in my adult years and she was a real dog – a beautiful docile doberman (Yes, I said – doberman);  Sheba would not go ‘potty’ in her area in the garden unless I went out with her or, at least, put on the outside light for her, and would be very content to push me off the couch when she wanted more space, but she was my “baby” and we each respected the other:  now I’m surrounded by little fluff balls that do not realize that my ‘steely grin’ (for their owners sakes) hides an evil thought:  that should any one of them (actually two) come too close, they would make admirable slippers – one on each foot!

I understand that they are wonderful company for some folk – but I really wish they’d keep their pouty, yappy pooches on their own patch, and keep them out of mine, because I do not find them endearing.

So – yappy dog-owners – Christmas is a-coming – come one (dog) come all, come into my garden if you dare – I’d love to give slippers to everyone I know –  there’d certainly be enough dogs to go around, with some to spare – and when I lovingly hand the gifts over, I’ll be wearing such a grin!  *****  I’m kidding, realy, I’m kidding*****  🙂


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