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Late Evening Sky

Late Evening Sky

The last couple of weeks have been ‘challenging’, to say the least – and I know that we all have challenges, if we didn’t we’d probably be hermits and not interacting in any way with people or events around us.

I have experienced the deaths of two very special people recently – one a really close friend:  I learned today of a relative who succumbed to illness and died suddenly:  plus – sadly found out another precious person in my family is dealing with a marriage failure and seperation:  one friend has undergone major surgery and has to deal with the long recuperation and healing that’s ahead of her;  in addition to this, my husband is dealing with another attack of cellulitis, which causes him to feel exceedingly sick until antibiotics are administered; meantime he has to deal with high fever, pain and fatigue – so, all in all I feel I am very fortunate to be where I am, be as healthy as I am (even though I also have health issues) and to be free to share my latest ‘stuff’, with whoever is willing to read it.  My hope is that, whatever you’re dealing with might pale in comparison to what some of the folk in my life are coping with – all I can say is “hang in there”, things do improve – healing invariably does take place – grieving gradually eases as we become accustomed to the emptiness felt when a loved one dies – aloneness can be eased by keeping busy and productive (even helping someone else is a balm, it helps you forget your own troubles for a while) – and showing you care for others when they are suffering keeps us onlookers thankful for all we have and can be for others.

Life has a tendency to regularly ‘throw spanners in our works’ -dragging us us from our daily routines – I guess,  that’s the only indicator we have, that we are alive and  visible and that we are participators in life! 

So if you know of someone dealing with a trauma – of any kind – be a friend and help in whatever capacity you can – just a smile, a phone call, a card to say you’re thinking of them, a cooked meal (always a boon) can brighten their day, if only for a short while!  One day it could be you in need of some TLC!

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