I Love You!

I’ve had a weekend of ‘goodbyes’. 

The sudden (as in unexpected) death of a church family member, Charles; and the departure to God’s presence of another dear husband, father, Afi (Grandpa), brother and family member – Ron, who was also a beloved church family member, a gentleman and God-loving and living man – who touched many lives in his life:  his death came after a prolonged ‘battle’ with cancer.

Both gentlemen were believers and so, we know they are in a good place:  the hardest part of the weekend was watching the tears and grief of the family and friends who gathered to pay their respects to the memories of these fine men, and to support the families as they grappled with the knowledge that there was now an empty place in their homes; that a beloved person would no longer be coming through the door; would no longer be sitting at the table during mealtimes, would no longer be physically with them to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and births – who was gone from life as we know it, into a life that (for us) is yet to come if we are believers.

What was very apparent to me with both grieving families, was the strength of their faith – they silently accepted the loss (well, of course, in private it might very well be different), they were gracious, strong, thankful and humble – lots of emotions all rolled up into one – they caused me to rethink my own life, my marriage, my family, my faith and most of all, they were a good example of how important it is to tell people you love that you do – LOVE THEM, I mean…..too often, we busy ourselves through each day and don’t even think of doing that one small thing – which by the way, can become a very big thing when someone is no longer around for you to tell them!

So, before this day ends – tell someone that you love them – and mean it from the bottom of your heart!





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