Honest-to-Goodness Love!

Have you ever loved someone so deeply, that when they are experiencing illness in their life, it hurts you to be just an onlooker: you want so much to do more but are never quite sure what you can do?

My husband and I have; and yes our children and their families hold that kind of place in our hearts, plus extended family and friends – but more specifically, I’m speaking now of a couple who are part of our church ‘family’: and without even realizing it, they apparently have a larger ‘spot’ in our hearts than we imagined – they’re not intrusive or demanding, they are just ‘there’ and step in when needed; to be mentors, friends and very valuable ministry leaders. 

They are our dear friends and now one of them is seriously ill – and just offering a hug, a meal or, recently, a much-needed shave – brought tears from them – not of self-pity, but because of the love being shown them.  We’re blessed to feel useful and to be able to help – just as they feel blessed in receiving an abundance of all that they need, from many caring neighbours, friends and family members.  They are humbled by all the many gifts that are being given –  and we have had to remind them that they are only receiving all these blessings, because of the many blessings they have bestowed upon others over the years: now it is the least we can do for them, in their time of need.

We have cried with them, hugged them – we are ‘there’ for them for whatever they need, just as they have been for us and many others, in the past; and even though it is a sad time, it gives us a good feeling to be two of the many who are ‘coming alongside’ this beautiful couple, with deep, honest-to-goodness love, hoping that the little that we do, reduces some of the stress and effort and exhaustion, that this situation has produced.

There is always something we can do to help another – it doesn’t have to be big, or showy or extravagant – all the little things add up to so much more, when they are given with love and expecting nothing in return.

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