Letting Go

Letting Go!  Easy to say, but certainly not so easy to do; the last thing we want to do is ‘walk through life alone’.

For instance – a relationship that has ‘soured’ or ‘cooled’, is as difficult to let go of, as is the death of a loved one!  You keep hoping that recovery and reconciliation will take place, or that the dear departed one will miraculously walk through the door once more;  we hope with all our strength, with all our heart that things will return to the way they were, when all was well with ‘the world’.

Sadly, the reality is that love fades, life ends, friends move away and are no longer a part of our lives, and each loss breaks our heart, and we long for the ‘pain’ to go away: we don’t want to dismiss anything – anyone from our hearts, because often – that is all we have left of something that was once beautiful and fullfilling.

Nobody can step in and take that ache away – except God, who is the only comforter that can and will mend the broken heart, will fill the void and will strengthen you, beyond all your expectations – if you will only allow Him to do that!  He cries with you and wants so much to make everything better – it will still take time – maybe a long time;  it will still take many tears to wash away the awful longing and loneliness, but in time this too will fade, and the sun will shine in your heart again – but first, you have to let go and let God in,  to work His miracles in His way and His time

May God bless and comfort you, no matter what you are being challenged with.




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