No complaining here, about the weather – even though  it’s 41 degrees in the shade, and after just coming indoors from “checking the estate” I can tell you that in the sun IT IS SEARING HEAT – it has to be close to 48 degrees, maybe more, once the humidity is counted in! 

I don’t care – I just take it as easy as I can and LOVE IT!  How can I not when the winters here are so brutally cold – I have been here in Canada for over thirty years and am still not accustomed to the winters – I tolerate them, but love them? NO!

I recently heard from a friend in BC – and she said they are still waiting for summer to arrive!  Temperatures on the coast are barely reaching 20 degrees on average  and the only benefit they enjoy that we don’t is that they do not have to endure the snow and ice of Ontario winters   – their weather is more often rainy and cold – and I envy them that!

No grousing or grumbling allowed – I LOVE to see and feel the warmth of the sun, see the flowers in bloom and hear the birds singing and should it cool a little, later today, I’ll be outside “pottering” in my garden.

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