Sometimer Strikes Again!

My alarm had not yet disturbed, my (often) troubled sleep – but my husband did as doors and drawers, were noisily closed.

He ‘raced’ down the hallway to the kitchen saying ‘Come on Dayo – we’re late’!  Crikey – I felt I still had an hour or more of rest to luxuriate in, but obviously I needed to get my bones out of bed, and get dressed ready to drive with my husband into his work in town – so I could have the car for the day.  Thank goodness, for coffee – without that little ‘kick-start’ – I’d be struggling to fight my way of of ‘the fog’,  I felt I was enveloped in.

We got into the car – headed for town and I see my ‘other half’ looking at the clock; then he says, ‘Is that the right time?’ – ‘Yes’, I answer blearily – WHAT? what time did you think it was?’

Well – wouldn’t you know – HE thought it was past eight in the morning – I KNEW it was only seven!  He’d ‘tipped’ me out of bed to ‘hurry’ thinking he was an hour late, when, in actual fact, he’d hit a wrong button on the clock and reset the time – making it  (appear to be) one hour later than it really was! 

And so, we had rushed for no real reason, except that ‘Mr Sometimer’ had had another moment!

And if you follow my blogs – you’ve probably just realized that this is the third ‘faux pas’ – that I (Mrs Sometimer) couldn’t remember when I was sharing the first two!  🙂

Told you, I’d keep you posted – and it felt so good, yesterday when I woke and remembered it!  Couldn’t wait to share!  I actually felt quite triumphant – so, I guess today – I’m blowing my own trumpet – with my husband’s knowledge of what I’m sharing, of course. 🙂

See the first two at:


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