Sometimers’ Moments!

‘I need to tell you’, I said to my husband,  (the day following my evening at my Small Group Bible Study), ‘the front door was unlocked when I came home last night – and you had gone to bed!’  ‘Oh really – I can’t believe I did that’, he said, ‘ I guess I forgot!  (Well, yes I guess you did, I thought indignantly).

A day later, I receive a telephone call from him – ‘Honey, guess what – it’s 3:30 pm and I wanted to remind you, you have to pick me up at 4 pm!’  Oh really, I replied – how can I do that, when you have the car!!!  ‘What? Oh goodness, you’re right – in that case forget I called.  See you soon!’

There were actually three “dah” moments recently,  but as I write, I can only recall two of them – so, I could point at him at laugh and say “memory is getting bad huh?” –  but then I’d need to also look at myself – because, for the life of me, I cannot remember his third “faux pas”.  (see note below)

We can blame it on being a senior – but, in truth, to me the greatest joy, in this mild frivolity,  is in the fact that we no longer place great importance on these moments.  In the grand scheme of things, they really don’t matter that much (unless, of course you have to monitor incidents such as these,  because of health issues).   I’ve learned to ask myself, if is it really important to spend time judging accuracy or worrying about relevance, and if it is not then I laugh or shrug my shoulders and move on.

Now – um, what was I going to do next?

…………..I’ll keep you posted (if I ever remember). 

additional note: (for the detailed folk) – I checked with my husband – wanted to get the third ‘dah’ moment:  he can’t remember it either!!!!  🙂

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