What is Love?


LOVE!  The very word will evoke derision, even horror to some, yet to others it will be the epitome of ‘warm and fuzzy’.

The media has tended (in many ways) to make it a dirty word!  It portrays it as merely a self-pleasing attitude with no self-denial; no emotion – just to always ‘look after number one’! 

That is NOT love!  Oh, it’s self-love but that is isolating and self-destructive as time goes by. 


It is to care for and about one another

It is to put somebody else’s needs ahead of your own

It is to help somone when they have a need

It is to not be envious of others and their belongings

It is to be kind, not boastful

It is to be completely truthful in all ways

It is to never harm anyone or treat them unkindly

It is more than having your own way all the time!

Think ‘beyond yourself’ – a little more every day and life will be so much more meaningful

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