Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess who married a handsome prince.

Once upon a time, there was a handsome prince who married a beautiful princess.

(Yes, I know she wasn’t actually a princess until she married her prince).

It doesn’t matter which way you say it – watching William and Catherine, having fun and loving getting ‘up close and personal’ with the people of Canada – you’ve gotta love them.  I’m very sure that Princess Diana would have been proud of her son and would certainly have loved Catherine.

They are leaving aside the ‘stuffiness’  and protocol of past royal visits and are seemingly, loving the adoring ‘fans’ as much as they are adoring Wills and Kate. I love ’em!  I see kindness – humility – grace – empathy and respect, along with many other positive attributes that Princess Diana shared with all she met, and that she passed on to her son  – and Wills and Kate have her same warmth and charm, when meeting people of all ‘walks of life’.

Interviewing 8-years olds in a Toronto school, the interviewer was told:

 ‘A prince and princess, run their country’. 

‘They makes rules for their country’.

‘They go out and shake hands with people’.

‘When the old king or queen dies, the young prince or princess become king or queen’.

‘Given an opportunity to serve them a meal – one girl suggested she’d serve them, macaroni and cheese with chicken soup’ – but no ketchup!

The first few observations are being met and will be met, very well (I am sure) by our (yes, I’m English) royal couple and I’m equally sure that – even though yesterday in P.E.I. they enjoyed lobster plus many other delectable treats, they’d equally enjoy macaroni and cheese with chicken soup too (oh, and that’s with no ketchup)!

Long May They Live and Reign!


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