After the Rain


It  rained through the night and so this morning, I can fill my lungs with the fresh, earthy-smelling  air that the rain leaves behind.  Mmm – beautiful – it’s refreshing and invigorating – all at the same time – and has a promise of all things new and clean, on this God-given day.

If you’re “down in the dumps” (or depressed, for a better word) – open your windows and breathe deeply!  Be thankful!  You are alive and well and able!

Listen to the song of the birds!  Be thankful!  You can hear!

Look out of your window, and even if there is no grass, or trees or water in sight, there’s gotta be something appealing to look at.  Be Thankful!  You can see!

Put on your shoes (or runners or comfy footwear) and get outside for a walk – it doesn’t have to be a long hike – just get out and enjoy the fresh air!  Be thankful!  You can walk!

Talk to someone – give someone a hug – hold a baby – pat a pet.  Be thankful!  You can touch and feel!

Maybe – take a moment to rest – enjoy a few minutes of quiet-time!  Sometimes that’s all it takes to ‘get up and get on with your day’. 

Concerned?  Worried?  Fearful?  There is another way to live! 

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Who is ‘pepe’ ?  It was a nickname, given to me by a Dept. Manager when I worked at a stockbrokers in London, many years ago!  It was a play on name initials (at the time).  Now you know!


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