Be The People (Review)

Read ‘Be The People’ by Carol M Swain, for an evocative, compelling book that takes you behind the scenes of democracy gone awry.  If, like many outsiders you see America as a country that has almost completely abolished its founding fathers Christian values and integrity (the solid ‘ground’ upon which, you might recall,  America became a great and respected nation),  then you must read this insightful book – it opens your eyes as to why America is staggering under debilitating social issues, that are seemingly beyond recovery. Discover within its pages,  how the Constitution of the United States of America (1787) is being overlooked (in some aspects) and even The Bill of Rights – Amendment 1 – is being ‘wittled away’ to conform to ‘worldly demands’.  

The book contains The Constitution of the United States of America (1787),  also The Bill of Rights, as well as The Ten Commandments, so you have all that you need within its pages, to get a clearer picture of  how this country developed and grew, what is happening  to it now and what needs to be done, to build a bright new future for all Americans.

Honorable and respected government and corporate worlds,  working with renewed spirit and indomitable principals can decide to turn back to the tried and true ‘track’ which could  make and this once proud nation, one to be considered great again, in every sense of the word.  

I am fortunate that I received this book at no cost from ‘Booksneeze’; providing a review is all that is required of me.  Check their website to see how you can join their ‘ranks’ of reviewers.



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