Sew on Fire

I had the privilege of hearing an amazing lady speak yesterday.  I attended my local Christian Women’s Club luncheon, and Wendy Hagar of Sew on Fire, Burlington, was the speaker.  She has been instrumental in establishing a huge and highly successful ministry, providing much needed basic items around the world for needy and  uncared-for folk, that the media rarely tell us about.

Wendy, along with many volunteers, sews and fills cloth bags that are then shipped world-wide and distributed to those in dire need of personal items, school items and more.

Her motto is ‘Refuse To Do Nothing! 

or, if you prefer –

Just Do Something – no matter how small!  If one lady can grow a ministry from nothing – we as individuals can help provide some of the items needed, that will help fill the bags – because she has proved that something very worthwhile can be established and grown from a single idea, from a single person.

Check out this amazing ministry and then decide to DO SOMETHING to help – if not worldwide, then consider doing something closer to home. Just Refuse To Do Nothing!


see more at:


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