Garbage Disposal

There is an excellent garbage pickup service, in the park where we live.  Every other Friday, we can put out any ‘stuff’ (large or small) that we need to get rid of.  It’s almost liberating to be able to just put our unwanted items at the roadside; knowing that it will be picked up and disposed of for us.  No trips to the ‘dump’ necessary, no worries about all our unwanted ‘stuff’ weighing too much (we would typically be permitted a certain weight of garbage and then pay for the excess); whereas living where we do, that’s all taken care of, all we have to is clean the storage areas that have been cleared of junk.  That’s so easy!

God conducts a similar service on us (our spirits);  we can either give everything to Him and ask His forgiveness (cleansing or disposal of our sin) or, once in a while, He’ll get our attention to an inner ‘storage’ area of ‘stuff’ that is gathering dust, simply because we refuse to deal with it – but He wants it gone. 

Psalm 51:2  Wash me clean from all of my sin and guilt.  (CEV)

Ezekiel 36:25 I will sprinkle you with clean water; and you will be clean and acceptable to Me.  I will wash away everything that makes you unclean, and I will remove your disgusting idols.  (CEV)

We’ve only lived here for a few months, and as time goes by we have less and less (inherited and self-collected) garbage to get rid of – wouldn’t it be nice to feel that spiritually; to come to a point that we also have less and less to get rid of.

Prayer:  Abba, grant us the strength to clean out areas that are needing attention or decluttering, and the courage to give all our unpleasant ‘clutter’ to You, for a thorough clean up!

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