There has to be more to Life than this!

Thoughts to Ponder!

 If you struggle with life on a daily basis and think ‘there’s got to be more to life than this’ – be assured, there is but:

in order to have something different happen in your life, you have to be willing to change, otherwise it will be ‘the same old thing day in day out’.

To change your life you need to be willing to change – you have to hate the life you are living enough to want to turn from it and ‘do’ life differently!

You need to find good friends that will be elevating, edifying and trustworthy.

Helping others, that cannot help themselves can be a good start – it takes your mind off where you are, and focuses your energy to making somebody elses’ life easier: it draws good things to you, instead of keeping you in ‘a black hole of despair’.

It worked for me, and continues to work for me.  Keep an ‘open mind’ and check out my blog at


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