Good Read Anyone?


In your quiet moments when you want an entertaining easy read, one which ‘brings to life’ two rip-roaring guys, who refused to accept defeat; were undaunted by demands to change direction in their careers, and who display humor, determination, flexibility, Christian values, along with dogged bulldog (pardon the pun) get-your-teeth stuck in and don’t let go perseverance, then you have to read, ‘We Be Big’, written by Rick Burgess and Bill ‘Bubba’ Bussey (with Don Keith), who became Rick & Bubba of radio fame.

 You’ll be outraged – you’ll be astounded.  You’ll laugh with them and cry along with them.  You’ll get to feel you ‘know’ them personally and suffer their frustrations too.   When they succeed you’ll cheer along with them, their families and their friends, as well as their work colleagues.

I think you’ll learn a few tricks along the way and recognize some decisions and situations to avoid, simply by reading of the courageous struggles of these two guys, who chose to be the best that they could.  Read how God blessed them with success beyond their wildest dreams.

 Patricia Day

I received this book free from the publishers through:


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