Sometimes, relationships fail and friendships fade.

Sometimes families drift apart.

Often there is no logical explanation why.

People argue and disagree then separate.

Hurt, anger, resentment and tears are all that remain.

Sometimes, where reconciliation remains illusive

Tragedy strikes, and all that remains is a photograph.

A solitary memory, a single connection, linking us to the one now gone. 

Remember though, they live on in your heart – for ever!

So, remembering better times, place a kiss on your finger, reach out and give it them. 

Then decide to be willing to let go of the sadness!

Sometimes, that is all you can do to bridge the gap.

But, maybe in so doing, the imprisoned tears will flow and,

Will cleanse and mend your broken heart .

Sometimes,  if it is still possible, you can be the one

Strong enough to set aside pride, and seek to reach out

And allow forgiveness to fill the empty sadness.

Sometimes, sadness and despair will be replaced with joy and hope,

But only you can decide to let it happen.

Unforgiveness can be a coffin entombing us in life,

Deciding to ‘let resentments go’ can set us free.

Sometimes, as we free our spirits – give it to God,

Be determined to meet the challenges in life and

Decide to begin to live again without our departed ones,

Sometimes, we cause miracles to happen and life begins to blossom again.


Patricia Day

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