It’s a Grand Life!

It’s a grand life, if you don’t weaken!  Spring has just about ‘sprung!’  I love this time of year.

Love the feeling of  ‘coming alive’ and being rejuvenated by the warming of the sun,  and of waiting with bated breath for the appearance of each  flower and every tree bud that happen to be in my garden! 

In my last residence, we stood a beautiful lilac – just outside the patio doors and in a daily ritual, of inspecting my ‘estate’ (garden), I would gauge  its’ progress until at last, the buds would ‘explode’ with mauve blossoms and a fragrance that would waft into the house through the open windows.  An absolute delight to the senses.

I marvel that each plant can survive the brutal cold of winters here in Canada.  Some frost damage is inevitable of course, after all I know  I’d sustain more than a little ‘skin damage’ if I were ‘sitting out’ in the garden all winter, but come Spring, each flower, bush and tree bursts out of its’  confines of winters’ grip and colorfully announces its’ survival, by giving us a delightful vista of color with leaves and flowers that bring to life the sluggish, dank dullness of the winter-weary garden.   I have a new garden this spring!  We moved house, and because the summer garden had died-back when we arrived, we have no idea what will appear this year!  It’ll be like Christmas – each new plant appearing will be a gift!  We did bring some perennial roots with us too (wanting to still ‘savor’ the beauty of the garden we had enjoyed for the last few years) – so, we (my husband and I), will have the joy of new discoveries and (God willing) the ability to create another ‘haven’ in our back yard –  a sanctuary of fragrance, birdsong and color to ‘ luxuriate in’.

It is always a joy to open windows and receive fresh, warmer air and to know that temperatures are rising (maybe in hiccups, but rising slowly and surely) to a point that we can once again, enjoy the great outdoors!

Aaaa….hhhhh!  Step outside (if you can) or open a window and take a good deep breath of fresh air!  Ain’t life grand?

Patricia Day

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