What’s New?


What’s New?  Truthfully, not a lot.  Some days, even though I try really hard to write – my brain remains unco-operative.  I mean, if I am meant  write ‘words’ should always ‘be there’  available for me to access and to set down on paper or on my blogs, shouldn’t they?  

Well it doesn’t work that way – not for me anyway!  When nothing springs to mind – I just give thanks for things  just because I can!

Give thanks for my senses, that I can see the blue sky and feel the sunshine on my skin!  That I can walk, talk and move freely!  Many people cannot!

Give thanks that I have a garden to enjoy,  where I can create a refuge of fragrance and flowers!  Many live in shanty towns around the world, where a garden is a dream that will never come true for them!

Give thanks that I have a home, family and friends that give me shelter,  love and support plus provide ideas too, to set down in print (whether they realize it or not)!  Many people around the world live in societies where freedoms are limited! 

Give thanks and be grateful that I really do have more than the majority of people in the world – whether I feel I have or not.  Living in the western world, I know I do!

Give thanks that I don’t live in earthquake ravaged areas of the world, where the ground is not always stable and life can so easily be thrown into chaos!

Give thanks that I eat and drink adequately every day!  Many in this world do not have that luxury!  I stopped complaining about doing dishes long ago – because if I have dishes to clean, it means that I have eaten that day!

Enjoy your day and compile your own ‘Give thanks list’ – bet it’s longer than you’d think………..

Patricia Day

see more at http://pepeprays.wordpress.com


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