Nana’s Rambling

Where do I ramble (hike, walk, stroll, explore)?  Oh, in my mind and in my daily activities.  When working in my garden, or walking by a lake or a stream; when meandering through a forest where for instance, if you really  listen to all that’s going on around you – the rustling of the leaves in the breeze, the scampering feet of little creatures in the undergrowth, birds flittering around overhead or singing in the trees, it won’t matter what your frame of mind was when you began your walk, you’ll find the sounds of nature can elevate your mood, brighten your attitude, lift your spirit – all you need to do is take a deep breath and allow yourself to absorb the sights and sounds. 

If you are not blessed with a nearby forest – try your garden or take a walk in a park (big or small).  In the summertime, you can literally STOP and really smell the roses (relax and appreciate nature, and leave the distractions of worldly existence behind for a little while): your spirit will be glad you did – so will you. 

Patricia Day

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